Who we are

What causes things to happen? Believing in their existence is it a sufficient way?

If you want to answer these hundred years old questions, we ask you to leave behind everything you have learned  from the stretched philosophy classes and forget what great philosophers like Aristotle, Plato, Saint Thomas, Kant, Hegel or Wittgenstein eventually said.

What a relief, huh?

You are just ready to leave for a little journey with us.

You should climb into the hills, at the bottom of Mount Calvarina, at the feet of Lessini Mountains: now you can breathe, relax and enjoy the view. You are in our vineyard and our wise companions are all around: let us introduce you Durella and Garganega !

And let us introduce ourselves: we are Cristiana and Riccardo.

Under your feet you may find the intense activity of thousands years, in front of you your eyes can see the results of our efforts: in few years they totally turned our lives upside down.

Actually we weren’t winemakers in our previous lives and each one of us was busy with a boring and monotonous job and guess what? We didn’t even know each other! Our meeting had unleashed a burst of energy so impetuous that we understood Destiny was setting aside something completely different and not expected for us.

Our meeting made our dreams extremely urgent: those same dreams that were knocking at our doors so furiously that we couldn’t ignore them. And if it is true that energy cannot be created or destroyed but may be transformed, then you will easily understand how those dreams became more precise and concrete during further months and years, transforming themselves from the first primordial sketch.

Making wine from the start, as we imagined at the beginning, was simply not enough.

In the same moment we touched the roots of our vines and we brushed their leaves, we realized we were responsible for something more ancient and immensely more complex than we could ever expected: the Earth, the Traditions, the Nourishment, the Future. We felt the strong desire to respect the soil we walk on, the air we breathe and not only for ourselves or the next generations, but even as an act of love for the ones who forerun us  and left us this patch of nature as a heritage.

Afterwards, as a natural result, the lust for freedom and the desire to put us to the test went in the running, far away from everything was taken for granted. Without arrogance we made a bet with ourselves. And in the meantime energy flowed with new ideas, suggestions, emotions… and two wonderful daughters!

It was simple to understand what we wanted from our wines: they should capture the generosity of our land through the warm gold of the summer sun, the springy freshness climbing down the hill, the brisk bite of the winter mornings and the long embrace of the fall colors.

The difficult part was to carry it out!

We had to learn everything from the beginning, forgetting what we knew and learning what was forgotten.

Today we like to think about us as wine artisans who are not afraid to take their risks, that could even mean to stay out of wine during an unlucky season. What we really aim to in the making of our Durello, Garganega and Passito, is to respect the vines in their natural development and to make a wine pulsing of the same life it was nourished with.

What a fun thinking we didn’t know even how to use shears and if you made those questions in 2004 we would have stared at you and asked if you were crazy, by chance.

Today instead … guess who are the crazy ones?