Thanks to the findings of many prehistoric working tools, we know our region boasts thousand years of history: here agriculture has always been one of the main human activities, to the point that “Roncà” comes from Latin “runcare”, which means “to clear the land” and later it took on the meaning of “land turned over with a pruning hook”, a knife with a curved blade we still use today for the same purpose.

Our indigenous grape vineyards are placed in a little community of Roncà, Brenton, between the provinces of Verona and Vicenza: to the west we have the Garda Lake, to the east the warm Adriatic Sea, to the North the Lessini Mountains with their rich grazing lands, to the South the Po Valley sloping towards the Apennines.

Once upon a time this was a land of Volcanoes and our vineyards benefit from the colorful richness that comes from ancient lava, schist, tuff which now are the backbone of our land.

Our oldest vineyard has 40 years and it is at 450 meters above sea level, in a wonderful spot South/South-West where it receives the warmest rays of summer sun and the gentle touch of fresh nights, so that the temperature leap guarantees an intense bouquet to our grapes of Durella and Garganega.

A little lower we have another old vineyard of Durella, recumbent on a nice slope.

Finally in Roncà, at 120 meters above the sea level, there is our youngest Garganega: we planted it ourselves and more than its companions, it deserves cares and attentions to reach full maturity.

All around biodiversity is preserved by natural woods, enclosing the parcels in a loving embrace, and green manure, that we adopt each year to guarantee to soil and grapes the right amount of nourishment and protection to face the intense wine-producing season.

We don’t use any chemical or harmful substance: we don’t weed or use any treatment or fertilizer able to contaminate or spoil the precious balance between the soil and the vine.

We use only grapes coming from these 3 parcels and we follow in person each vine, respectful of their peculiar needs.

The grape harvest is manually operated at the proper moment for each parcel.

We are so proud and at the same time so grateful to our land and its history that we really aim to fully preserve the value of our grapes, so that we use only the indigenous yeast naturally present on the skin, we don’t remove stalks and we just control that the fermentation temperature stays at its best.

Every step of the process has only one purpose: to distill the richness, the generosity, the history and the beauty of our hills in the glass of wine you are going to taste.